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How we can help you?

We offer a variety of Internet solutions for your business needs. Depending on the size of your business and the type of service your business provides there is an Internet solution that will help your business with efficiency and reliability to ensure maximization of uptime.

Wireless Broadband

Offering symmetrical dedicated Internet services for clients requiring speeds of up to 1GB per second.

Wireless Point to Point

Offering to connect buildings together on the same Local Area Network extension.


Low cost business Internet connection offered as primary or back up service.

Fibre Optics

For blazing fast speeds, powerful performance and flexible growth, fibre optics is the wave of the future with dedicated speeds up to 10GBps. Available upon select areas.

Wifi Networks

Wireless Network specialzing in mesh networks or single wifi nodes.

Emergancy Service Tower

Power outage or Act of God during a special event? Exclusive to ICA is the Internet & Wifi Service Tower which provides quick dispatch and running within minutes; minimizng downtime and lost revenue!

Let’s find the right solution for you!


Our service experts will tailor your dedicated Internet service needs and will discuss the various options and speeds that will better suit your business!